A Clean That Truly Sparkles
“Joy has been working miracles in both my office (janitorial) and my residence. I have been absolutely delighted with her service in both places and can’t imagine what I would do without her. Her work definitely represents
the most thorough and detailed clean I have ever had, and her sunny disposition and enthusiasm for work is unparalleled.”
S. Meixler
“Joy has been cleaning my home since I relocated to Bend 1 year ago. I’m very happy with her services. The house is literally sparkling when she is through, and nothing feels better than coming home to a sparkling, clean smelling home! Joy is easy to work with, and, if you have additional requests or concerns, she is very receptive and happy to please. Joy is a joy.”
Bonnie H.
“Joy Moore picked up cleaning my commercial office building in late 2009, and has been consistently rendering excellent services since then. She is pleasant and easy to work with,
and has been voted by the tenants in my building as the best janitorial service we have had in almost five years, which is when I took ownership of the building. I highly recommend her.”
Darcy Fowkes